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Bilal Saeed - Twelve 07-08-2013
Bilal Saeed’s debut album titled, “TWELVE” songs were written and composed by Bilal Saeed and produced seven (7) songs as well. Dr. Zeus produced four (4) songs in the album. It’s an international album featuring international artists i.e. Amrinder Gill, Dr. Zeus, Shortie and Young Fateh. The Best Gift he has given to Pakistani Music Industry!
Pakimp3 - Vol 13 17-04-2013
Pakimp3 Vol 13 featuring artists Adnan Sami - Aye Manya, Jal - Dil Haari, Javed Bashir - Murabba, Mustafa Zahid - Yeh Junoon, Shahzad Roy - Angutha Chalay Ga and Sheher - Aplus Download Pakistani Music.
Pakimp3 - Vol 12 07-02-2013
Pakimp3 Vol 12 featuring artists Bilal Saeed - 12 Saal Remix, Dj Shahrukh and Faiza Mujahid - Do Pal, Falak - Soniye, Falak Shabbir - Saajna unplugged, Falak Shabir - Saajna, Farhan Saeed - Pi Jaun, Inquilab - TopiDrama, Jis Nay Bhi Aana Hai Aik Din Jaana Hai- Zoe Viccaji, JoSH - Meri Dua, Overload - Ankahi and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Rabba.
Pakimp3 - Vol 10 07-11-2012
Pakimp3 Vol 10 featuring artists Atif Aslam, Battakhain, MK, Naina, Nasir Hassan, OST Jhoomer and Xiyal Band.
Coke Studio Season 5 - Episode 3 02-08-2012
Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 3 Featuring artists Bilal Khan Taaray, Bohemia School Di Kitaab, Hadiqa Kiani Rung, Overload & Rachel Viccaji Neray Aah, Uzair Jaswal Nindiya Ke Paar.
Coke Studio Season 5 - Episode 2 28-06-2012
Coke Studio Pakistan's premier recording studio produces and other amazing episode Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 2 Featuring artists Atif Aslam Rabba Sacheya, Bilal Khan Larho Mujhey, Chakwal Group & Meesha Shafi Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla, Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Khabaram Raseeda and Tahir Mithu Pere Pavandi Saan.
Coke Studio Season 5 - Episode 1 02-06-2012
Coke Studio is back again with amazing collage of music. Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 1 Featuring artists Bohemia, Atif Aslam and Qayass, Hadiqa Kiani, Hamayoon Khan and SYMT.
Pakimp3 - Bhangra Vol 1 28-03-2012
Pakimp3 Bhangra Vol 1 featuring Asha, Culture Shock, Gurminder Guri, Preet Harpal, Sharry Mann and Yo Yo Honey Singh.
Pakimp3 - Vol 9 22-02-2012
Pakimp3 Volume 9 featuring Mahi Mahi by Bilal Saeed, Deewana by Club Caramel, Piya Tu Kaahe Rootha Re by Javed Bashir, Patakhi Larki by Mooroo, Kho gaye nain by Rahim Shah and Nind Nashe Vich by The Sketches.
Patli Kameriya by Natasha Offical Video 23-01-2012
Patli Kameriya by Natasha Offical Video released by Fire Records. A Must Watch for all fans.
Pakimp3 - Vol 8 04-01-2012
Pakimp3 Volume 8 featuring BillyX, Divya Lewis, Qadir Murtuza Rabani Khan, Falak, Qayaas, Sajid Zeeshan, Sajjad Ali, Saturn and Areib Azhar. Download amazing new singles from these great artists.
Coke Studio India - Episode 4 12-26-2011
A Coke Studio @ MTV India presentation, featuring performances by various artists including Kailash Kher, Papon, Chinnaponnu, and many more.
Coke Studio India - Episode 3 11-29-2011
A Coke Studio @ MTV India presentation, featuring performances by various artists including Sunidhi Chauhan, Wadali Brothers, Mausam Gogoi, and many more.
Coke Studio India - Episode 2 11-16-2011
A Coke Studio @ MTV India presentation, featuring performances by various artists including Shankar Mahadevan, Akriti Kakkar, Megha Dalton, and many more.
Coke Studio India - Episode 1 11-05-2011
A Coke Studio @ MTV India presentation, Episode 1 featuring performances by Sunidhi Chauhan , Mousam Gogoi, K.K , Sabri Brothers, Harshdeep Kaur, Shaan , Saurav Mandal, Shankar Mahadevan , Khagen Gogoi, Kailash Kher , Chinnaponnu, Mathangi Rajshekar and Tochi Raina.
Love Mein Ghum 09-29-2011
Love Mein Ghum's original music is by M. Arshad, Najat Ali, Ravi Bal, Waqar Ali and Huntar and the lyrics are penned by Khawaja Parvaiz, Ahmad Aqeel Ruby and Marz. The singers includes Ali Zafar, who has sung the title song of the film and Abrar-ul-Haq with 'Sohniye - Heeriye', Kailash Kher and Shazia Manzoor for song 'Sohniye Yaadan' Composed and produced by Ravi Bal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Hunterz for Aila Aila, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shaan. Pappu Samrat is the choreographer.
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan 09-14-2011
The score and soundtrack of the film is composed by Sohail Sen, best known for being the man behind the music of What's Your Raashee?. Lyrics are penned by Irshad Kamil. Ali Zafar sings one song in the film. The album contains six original tracks and two remixes.
Pakimp3 - Vol 7 09-05-2011 Vol 7 featuring artists Shahzad Roy, Jawad Ahmad, Jumlah, Living On the Edge, Maaz Khan, Quratulain Balouch andRahat Fateh Ali Khan.
Pakimp3 - Vol 6 07-26-2011 Vol 6 featuring artists Ali Azmat, Ali Khan, Bilal Saeed, Faakhir, Fuzon, Komal Rizvi, Saturn, Shafqat Amanat Ali Siege and Hit Song Love Mein Ghum.
Josh - Beyound Kismat 06-11-2011
JoSH's "Beyond Kismat" launched on May 31, 2011 has rocked the nation with in just six days of its launch in Pakistan. Rupinder Magon and Qurram Hussein blended music of modern era with a traditional bhangra touch to such perfection that it yielded record sale of over 18,000 albums of "Beyond Kismat" up till now.
Coke Studio Season 4 - Episode 1 05-31-2011
Coke Studio’s first episode of the season reveals an interesting cross-section of musical diversity in Pakistan. Coke Studio season 4 episode featuring Bilal Khan, Jal, Komal Rizvi & Akhtar Chanal Zahri, Mizraab and Sanam Marvi.
Pakimp3 - UnderGround Vol 5 05-10-2011
Pakimp3 underground music album volume 5 featuring Annie Khalid, Atif Aslam ft Hadiqa Kiyani, Faiza Mujahid, Fariha Pervez, Ismail and Junaid, Muhammed Yasir and Shehrezade.
Schaz - Jalan 04-13-2011
Schaz Debut album Jalan is the result of endless hardwork of 6 years of Schaz life. Schaz worked with several artists such as the established guitarists Shallum Xavier and Aamir Zaki and with her producer Emad to bring forward this album. Pakistani Music Premier website proud to present her as one of the rising stars of Pakistani Music industry.
Pakimp3 - UnderGround Vol 4 04-07-2011
Pakimp3 underground music album volume 4 featuring Natasha, Parwan, RamLal and Strings. Download amazing new singles from these great artists.
Raghav Sachar - Dil Ki Zubaan 03-19-2011
New hindi pop album by Raghav Sachar, featuring romantic songs like For The First Time, Perfect Beat, Dil Ki Zubaan, and many more.
Pakimp3 - UnderGround Vol 3 01-01-2011
Pakimp3 is always been a great help for underground music bands and artists. To promote them and help them emerge as main stream artists we have launched an album titled pakimp3 underground vol 3 for all Pakistani Music lovers.
Sukshinder Shinda - Jadoo 21-12-2010
New punjabi album by the famous singer, Sukshinder Shinda, featuring songs like Akh Labdi, Jadoo, Mere Munde Nu, and many more tracks.
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Forever 24-11-2010
A collection of some of the popular songs by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from latest bollywood hit movies like Dabangg, Aakrosh, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and many others.
Fariha Pervez - Kithe Nain Na Joreen 11-10-2010 Proud to announce that we partner with Fariha Pervez and is offical web partner for Fariha Pervez upcomig album Abhi Abhi. See the Exclusive video of Kithe Nain Na Joreen - Live Jam at Home by Fariha Pervez [HQ].
Pakistani Pop - Misc 23-10-2010
Pakimp3 misc collection featuring Annie - Kiya Yehi Pyar Hai, Atif Aslam and Strings - Ab Khud hi Kuch Karna, Khiza feat Abrar Ul Haq - Hogya Ni Pyar, Overload - Pichal Pairee (Witch), Rahim Shah - Maama Dey, Shiraz Uppal - Rabba, Siege Band - Main Police Wich Bharti Hogya.
Meekal Hassan Band - Saptak 12-10-2010
The album launch song Chall Bulleya, begins the album on a softer note. The lyrical content which is its prime focus, is a mixture of Bulleh Shah’s poetry (predominantly in the main chorus) fused with verses by Bhagat Kabir, focusing on bringing society up on a more positive note by eliminating the evils that exist in it.
Coke Studio 3 - Episode 5 20-09-2010
Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 5 featuring Amanat Ali, Rizwan & Muazzam, Sanam Marvi, Tina Sani and Abida Parveen.
Coke Studio 3 - Episode 4 26-08-2010
Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 4 featuring Amanat Ali & Sanam Marvi, Noori, Karavan, Arif Lohar and Zeb & Haniya.
Veronica - Rush 29-07-2010
New pop album produced by Rishi Rich, features artists like Veronica, Rishi Rich, Hunterz, Mumzy and others
Coke Studio 3 - Episode 3 05-07-2010
Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 3 featuring Meesha Shafi,Tina Sani & Arieb Azhar, Abida Parveen, Sanam Marvi and Aunty Disco Project.
Coke Studio 3 - Episode 2 22-06-2010
Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 2 featuring Amanat Ali, entity Paradigm, Fakir Juman Shah, Noori and Rizwan & Muazzam.
Coke studio 3 - Episode 1 19-06-2010
With the airing of our first episode on 06 June 2010, the Coke Studio journey picks up again. In the third season, the underlying theme is to discover the intricacies of the process of creation and evolution, and how it culminates in the realization of dreams and goals.
Stereo Nation - Twist & Shout 12-06-2010
New hindi pop album by Stereo Nation featuring singers like Bohemia, Rana Shaad, Kostal and many more.
Pakistani Music - Virsa 06-05-2010
Virsa is an attempt towards the revival of cinema in Pakistan, which can only be nurtured through meaningful cinema. The cast of Virsa includes Sardar Joginder Singh Grewal, Ranvir Singh Grewal, Harjinder Kaur, Yuvraj Singh Grewal, Meet, Gulshan Grover, Kanwaljeet Singh, Ruby, Aarya Babbar, Aparna Sharma, Nawaz Ali, Nauman Ijaz, Sazia Ali, Aaman Ali Shazia, Aman Dhaliwal, Mahi Sandhu and Mehreen Raheel.
Aaishah Akram - Dil E Mutazir 08-04-2010
Born on 1st June 1980,Aaishah Akram is an inspiring singer/composer and a songwriter from Islamabad,Pakistan. You can download her Album Dil E Mutazir from
Atif Aslam - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani 12-03-2010
Atif Aslam hit the music industry by strom with his latest songs music composed by Pritam, Atif Alsam is no doubt one of the best singers in Pakistani Music industry.
Ishq Bector & Rakhi Sawant - Jhagde 25-02-2010
New music album featuring Rakhi Sawant with Ishq Bector with songs like Jhagde, Chal Be Shaane.Pakistani Music Lovers will like this album too.

Jal Band Signed CD’s 10-02-2010
Are you dying heart fan of JAL? If yes then you can get the signed CDs of the band album titled Boondh. Get your Copy Now.
Album produced by Mekaal Hassan except Guitar Tones produced by Goher Mumtaz and Mekaal Hasan. Album Mixed and Mastered by Mekaal Hassan at Digital Fidelity Studio, Lahore

Aman Ki Asha 04-02-2010
Official album for the Indo-Pak peace project by Times of India and Jang Group called, Aman Ki Asha, featuring songs by various artists from India as well as Pakistan.
Sound Of Sophie 24-01-2010
Sophie hot and sensational former MTV Dj, actress and singer Sophie Chaudry releases her new hip hop music album featuring numbers like Daddy Cool, Mohabbat, Pump It Up and many more.
Adnan Sami - Ek Ladki Deewani Si 13-12-2009
New pop songs album by talented artist, Adnan Sami, also featuring Jermaine Jackson.
Sufi - Superstars 09-11-2009
Great Collection of Sufi Songs highly recommended by
Jay - Tu Hi Bataa 01-11-2009
New Pop album by the talented artist, Jay, featuring songs like Yeh Zindagi, Tu Hi Bataa, Rahatein.
Lalitya Munshaw - Rum Gaya Dil 12-10-2009
New Pop album by the talented artist, Lalitya Munshaw, featuring songs like Aaj Hi Jee Le, Akhiyon Mein, Barkha Bahar and many more.
Maryam Kizilbash - Zara Palat Kay 14-09-2009
Maryam Kizilbash (fondly known as “Manna”) is a singer, song-writer and published poetess. Maryam Kizilbash came up with her debut album Zara Palat Kay. Nice entry to Pakistani Music Industry.
Omer Farooq - Solo Album 27-08-2009
Omer Farooq is a Singer,Composer and Songwriter.Omer Farooq was born in Doha,Qatar in 1985.He Studied there in bright future Pakistani school till 7 and came back to Pakistan in 2000 and studied in city school.Completed A Levels from there and then Joined BBA(HOS) in multimedia from Iqra University. .
Coke Studio - Spirit (Ep 04) 27-07-2009
Coke Studio's fourth session is one of its kind, Coke Studio took us through an exploration of the beauty of the human spirit and brought forth the positive energy of music as it lifted our spirits. Performances of all the artists touch the souls of all the listeners.
Coke Studio - Equality (Ep 03) 27-07-2009
This season creates more hype than pervious one. Artists are doing extremely well and their performances are worth listening.With this episode, Coke Studio looked to equalise music, its boundaries and genres.
Aasmaan - Hadiqa Kiani 13-07-2009
Pakistani Music Pop Sensation Hadiqa returns with an experimental, trendy and catchy new record, Aasmaan that picks up from where she left off. So here’s to the return of the most loved female pop singer of the country and her groovy comeback.
Coke Studio - Harmony (Ep 02) 29-06-2009
Coke Studio Aritsts name are worth mentioning here as they really worked hard to setup such a stage Artists are: Rohail Hyatt, Ali Zafar, Arieb Azhar, Atif Aslam, Javed Bashir, Josh, Noori, Riaz Ali Khan, Saieen Zahoor, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Strings, Zeb & Haniya, Assad Ahmed, Babar Khanna, Jaffer Zaidi, Javed Iqbal, Kamran 'Mannu' Zafar, Louis 'Gumby' Pinto, Natasha De Sousa, Omran 'Momo' Shafique, Saba Shabbir, Sikander, Waris Baloo, Zulfiq 'Shazee' Ahmed Khan, Baqir Abbas, Gurpreet Chana, Gul Mohammad, Rakae Jamil, Saddiq Sameer. We at honour the efforts of all the artists they put to give such a unique show of quality live Pakistani Music.
Coke Studio - Individuality (Ep 01) 29-06-2009
Coke Studio provide a plateform that is the dream of every musican. With over 25 artistes performing this season it is a treat for music lovers to learn and withness performanes of one of the leading musician of Pakistani music industry.
Abbas Premjee - Elements 12-05-2009
A new album from Abbas Premjee, an artist with proper music training, featuring songs like Jhoom Deewane, Mahiya, Sajan Bana and more.
Khurram Jani - Kaise Mein Bholaoon 28-04-2009
Khurram Jani is the new Pakistani Music Artist releases his album, Kaise Mein Bholaoon, featuring some soul stirring numbers. support new artists.
Faraz - Faraz 02-04-2009
New emerging artist Faraz releases his debut pop album featuring some good numbers like Tanha Tanha, Jhanjaran, Ajnabi and more.
Slumdog Millionaire 19-02-2009
Slumdog Millionaire The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. Music composed by A.R Rahman, cast includes Anil Kapoor , Irfaan Khan , Freida Pinto , Madhur Mittal , Dev Patel and Imran Hasnee.
A.R Rahman - Connections 27-01-2009
A.R Rahman creates magic again by producing a new music album for Nokia, album also featuring A.Sivamani and Drum Cafe and singers like Sukhwinder Singh, Karthik and Blaze.
Ritika Sahni - Namee 08-01-2009
Ritika Sahni, in her new album, brings a collection of original and contemporary tracks about love.
Saru Maini - Shake It 23-12-2008
Saru Maini comes up with this new album featuring 10 amazing tracks wirh music composed by DJ Sanj. Every Track has the remix version as well. Shake it now.
Dino - Suno Zara 08-12-2008
Pakistani VJ and RJ Dino who is well know in the Pakistani Media industry releases his debut album titled Suno Zara, featuring a numbers of great songs like Pari, Aja Tu, Suno Zara and more.
Idols - 2008 18-11-2008
A collection of wonderful songs by singers from reality shows like Amit Sana, Arnab Chakraborty, Meenal Jain and Karunya.
Zeb and Haniya - Chup 10-11-2008
A girl band which i have been listening in Underground Concerts now came main stream. Band featuring Zeb and Haniya, they are talented girls and release their debut album with some wonderful songs and music.
Ali Azmat - Klashinfolk 06-10-2008
Ali Azmat is one the popular Pakistani singer from Junoon band came up with his new solo album titled, Klashinfolk, featuring some new age rocking songs.
Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan - Tabeer 29-09-2008
Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan one of the melodious singer in Pakistani Pop Industry released his album named Tabeer featuring range of music from classical like Kartar, to pop songs like Naina and Pagalpan.
Shehzad Roy - Qismat Apnay Haat Mein 15-09-2008
The versatile pop singer, Shehzad Roy, brings a new album for his fans featuring songs with social messages, patriotic feelings with good music and compositions.
Azal - Road To Infinity 02-09-2008
Azal the new pop Pakistani band releases its debut album, Road to Infinity, that features some wonderful songs including the hit number, Aisi Taisi with a social message.
Strings - Koi Aanay Wala Hai 26-08-2008
String the most famous and successful band in Pakistan, Strings, with their album, Koi Aanay Wala Hai, Hit the charts featuring John Ibrahim in video. Album Koi Aanay Wala Hai contains a collection of all new songs including the already hit title song.
Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - The Legend 18-08-2008
A collection of some of the most beautifully sung film soundtracks rendered by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
Sajjad Ali - Chahar Balish 28-07-2008
The seasoned and experienced Pakistani singer, Sajjad Ali, releases yet another album called Chahar Balish. Sajjad Ali new album titled Chahr Balish features some of his older songs sung in a new way like Bolo Bolo and Chal Rein De, as well as some new songs like Gaddiye, Katna Nai, Pekar. Sajjad Ali is voice and pleasing to ears. Download the Songs now.
Rabbi Shergill - Avengi Ja Nahin 15-07-2008
Rabbi Shergill is back with a bang his new album Avengi Ja Nahin Rabbi Shergill second album features some wonderful songs like Challa, Pagrih Sambhal Jatta, Return to Unity & more.
Coke Studio Episode 1 08-07-2008
Coke Studio is the brand new TV show setting high trends in the music industry of Pakistan. All the Big Artists of the Pakistani Music Industry are performing live which is fun to listen and watch. Proudly presents the audio of the performance. Coke Studio Episode 01 includes the performance of the following artists.
Artists: Ali Azmat, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Mauj
Drums: Gumby
Lead Guitar: Omran Shafique
Bass Guitar: Mannu
DJ, Keyboard: Zeeshan Parwez
Backing Vocals: Saba and Selina
Percussionist: Shezi
Dholak: Babar Khanna
Balochi Percussions: The Abdul Latif Band
Producer: Rohail Hyatt
Neha - The Rockstar 30-06-2008
Neha Kakkar the one first appears at the Indian Idol getting too much fame releases her pop songs album featuring songs like Tere Baap Ka, Zindagi, Love Gali & others. You can download her album Rockstar from
Kailash Kher - Saiyyan 19-06-2008
Kailash Kher released his new album Saiyyan having 10 wonderful sufi songs, featuring hits like Teri Deewani, Saiyyan and others. You can download Mp3 music of the Kailash Kher from Pakistani Hit site Oh am I pointing
Jay Sean - My Own Way 29-05-2008
Jay Sean is no doubt one of the most talent Singers. He has produced some of the top chart hits in the recent years. Jay Sean new album featuring a collection of new rocking pop songs.
Najam Shiraz - Iss Des Ke Rang Hazaar 22-05-2008
Najam Shiraz is one of the most talent pakistani singer. A long list of hit songs under his belt.New patriotic album by Najam Shiraz featuring a good collection of new songs.
Euphoria - Redhoom 12-05-2008
Euphoria one of the best pop rock band in india are back with their new album Redhoom, a new exciting album featuring thirteen electrifying numbers like Dhoom, Hind Rock, Rock Sako To Rock Lo & more.
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 - The Best (2008) 06-05-2008
A collection of hit songs chosen from the performances by the participants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 contest. We think we should promote the young artists that worked hard to reached the top level.
Fuzon - Journey 24-04-2008
Fuzon released their another famour album Journey after the lead singer, Shafqat Amanat Ali, is replaced by the talented Rameez Mukhtar, album features some nice numbers like Neend Na Aaye, Chhuu Lo & others.
Overseas ft. Bombay Rockers - All Or Nothing 10-04-2008
New pop album from Overseas also featuring Bombay Rockers with their hit numbers like Ari Ari and Wild Rose. Overseas also presents a good mix of various compositions in the album.
Red Lounge 26-03-2008
Another Red Lounge music album featuring wonderful music from artists like Karunesh, Sherazade, Arnab Chakrabarty & others.
Adeel - Koi Chehra 03-03-2008
Koi Chehra the debut album by the pakistani singer, Adeel, released in India with music composed by Adeel, Sachin Gupta & Shani and lyrics from Adeel, Salim Bijnori, Saeein Akhtar Husaain & Shani.
Bhool Bhulaiyaa 25-02-2008
Bhool Bhulaiyaa Tere Naam Tere Naam version is added to our songs database song Bhool Bhulaiyaa is quite famous and this tere naam tera naam version should be added in the list.
Mohabbatan Sachiyan 05-02-2008
Few Days back i tunned FM a sweet song is playing there Main Jeena Tere Naal from the flim Mohabbatan Sachiyan and i think i should share this song with you.
Atif Aslam - Meri Kahani 23-01-2008
Another blockbuster album of Atif Aslam, titled 'Meri Kahani', jointly composed by Atif Aslam and his brother Muhammad Shahbaz. Album contains some melodious tracks that will be like by all fans of Atif Aslam.
Sherlyn Chopra - Outrageous 14-01-2008
Outrageous the debut album by Sherlyn Chopra a.ka. Mona Chopra and music composed by Arup Banerjee is a complate pack of hip hop Sherlyn Chopra Outrageous is the one one of the most awaited album that hit the charts.
Jal - Boondh a drop of JAL 18-12-2007
Jal’s creativity and melodic prowess hitting the chart with their lastest single Sajni. You can download latest JAL Song Sajni from
Rishi Rich - Totally Knockout 12-12-2007
Rishi Rich is one of the most talented musician and indian singer based in UK. New Album from Rishi Rich titled Totally Knockout, featuring some wonderful songs, also with Veronica and Sagar Malik Mentor.
Raghav Sachar - Play It Loud 29-11-2007
Raghav Sachar the new pop hit artists has released his album Play It Loud Raghav Sachar new album featuring some wonderful songs and music, also featuring a duet with Sunidhi Chauhan.
Amrinder Gill - Ishq 20-11-2007
Amrinder Gill is the famous Indian Singer who has produced some nice songs in the past came up with his new album titled as Ishq, featuring some wonderful punjabi songs
Adnan Sami - The Greatest Hits 07-11-2007
A collection of some of the all time hit songs by Adnan Sami Khan, featuring songs from his private albums as well as his songs from bollywood films, sung by Adnan Sami and also by other singers.
Rahim Shah - Chercha 25-10-2007
Rahim Shah came up with his latest pop album, featuring songs from urdu to punjabi to pushto showing his ability to sing in different languages.
Rockstars - Biggest Hits 16-10-2007
Collection of Hit singles packed in one album featuring a compilation of some of the hit pop songs from Pakistani singers equally popular in India.
Qasida Burdah Shareef 07-10-2007
Qasida Burdah Shareef with Translation finnally this is the best addition we ever had to our list. It touches your heart and make you feel you are not in this world. Must listen.
Sukshinder Shinda - Living The Dream 09-09-2007
Sukshinder Shinda released his first album in 1989 which was titled Dhol Beat Since than no looking back. He produced more than 200 albums and in 2003 he go solo from where we all know who Sukshinder Shinda Is. Sukshinder Shinda is the man behind Jazzy B success as he produced his music albums. Proudly presents his latest ablum Living The Dream Must listen for all Punjabi Song Lovers.
Rouge 09-08-2007
Rouge is a girl band consisting of Amrita, Laura & Legha, the Girls are hot models aswell as great singers, with voices to go with there looks. proudly presents their album Rouge containg the hit single EH Papi and Dont be Shy Honey.
Khuda Kay Liye 23-07-2007
Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of GOD) An attempt for the revival of cinema in Pakistan. The Flim Khuda Kay Liye get the attention of people from every genre Flim is supported by all big media channels, this new film is directed by Shoaib Mansoor and cast includes Shan, Iman Ali, Fawad Khan, Naseer Uddin Shah, Austin Marie Sayre. A Must Watch Movie.
Jojo - Maah-e-ru 19-07-2007
According to Jojo he is re-born which his new album Maah-e-ru. While talking with he told us that in Maah-e-ru he expressed his own feelings. The album featuring some wonderful romantic tracks as well as their remixes and techno beats.
Daler Mehndi - Raula Pai Gaya 12-07-2007
Album by the bhangra specialist, Daler Mehndi featuring the hits like Raula Pai Gaya, Aaja Nach Le. We are proud to list artists like Daler Mehndi as heading towards Venture with Indian artists for their promotion in Pakistan.
Alisha Chinai - Shut Up N Kiss Me 29-06-2007
The First time has been requested by indian artist to upload songs on the site to get promotion in Pakistan. proudly presents the brand new pop album release by the famousplayback singer, Alisha Chinai, album titled Shut Up N Kiss Me featuring hip hop songs and remix versions. I think all Pakistani Visitors will be proud of this achivement and help us grow larger.
Rhythm X - Dilberian 21-06-2007
Pakistani Industry produced some great music bands in the past and Rhythm X falls in the category that cannot be neglected. The talented band, Rhythm X featuring 3 young artists, M.C Clay, Irfan Khalid and DJ Asim. Their debut album Dilberian features nice music with powerful voice and great lyrics.You can download the Pakistani bands songs from Spread the world and promote new Pakistani bands.
Bombay Rockers - Crash and Burn 06-06-2007
Crash and Burn latest album by Bombay Rockers. The two talented artists are back with hit album Crash and Burn. Bombay Rockers always give their fans some new stuff to dance on. Download the album now.
Pakimp3 Freshly Baked Vol 4 20-05-2007 Added some of the latest songs from Great Pakistani Music Artists. Tracks added are Atif Aslam's Chupke Se Aaye, Laree Choote by Call , Hunterz ft Hadiqa Ali Zafar Aaja Sajna, Kaavish Tere Pyaar Mein, Roxen greatest hit Toh Phir Aao, Strings memorable Akhri Alvida and above all Yeh Hum Naheen amazing single by various Pakistani artists.
Hadiqa Kiyani - Rough Cut 09-05-2007
Hadiqa Kiyani the pop queen of Pakistani Music Industry released her album with Amir Zaki after four long years. Rough Cut the album is some what inspired by Enigma style music but atleast some one dare to be different. Amir Zaki is one of the most respect Pakistani artists and did a good job in producing a music like this.
Adnan Sami - Kisi Din 20-04-2007
The brand new pop music album Kisi Din by Adnan Sami got instant fame because of melodious playback by the great Pakistani singer, Adnan Sami, with his unique singing style featuring lyrics from Sameer, Amjad Islam Amjad, and other known poets. All the songs in the album are nicely composed.
PAKIMP3.ORG Underground Album 2 16-04-2007 offers unsigned artists, independent bands and local talented artists to promote them selves on the site. Purpose of is to spread the word about unsigned bands that you should know and listen to their songs. We also arrange two Rock Nights with Rafi Peer Group to bring them on the main stream and gave them the confidence to play on the stage. Underground Album 2 Is another step towards their promotion and creates the premier destination for Pakistani unsigned/underground bands to promote their music.
Vaishali Samant - V 13-04-2007
Vaishali Samant is the new pop artist from India her new pop album V featuring the hit song Ghotala. I think Pakistani Music listeners will like her album titled V.
Zikr (Call Of A Sufi) 06-04-2007
Zikr (Call Of A Sufi) by Anandmurti Gurumaa is a wonderful mystical experience featuring sufi poetry with modern musical instruments. A treat for all listerns must download.
Sutta Mixx 03-04-2007
Album for the nobel cause, quit smoking Say no to Sutta album Sutta mix have Remix version of the famous Sutta song and some other good remixes by DJ Shezwood, song sung by Saru Maini.
Suroor - Pyar Tu Hona He Hai 29-03-2007
The new band Suroor is making mark in Music field with their debut album Pyar Tu Hone He Hai. Title song is nice and smooth melody i think they are talented and you will see more in the comming months from Suroor.
Harron Ka Nasha 23-03-2007
Harron is back with some thing that didnt make any impact in the music industry of Pakistan. Anyone tell Harron that making glamorous videos wont help bad music.
Abrar-ul-Haq - Naara Sada Ishq Aye 09-03-2007
Abrar-ul-Haq one of the best singer Pakistani Music ever had released his album titled Naara Sada Ishq Aye. Abrar-ul-Haq has been entertaining us for the last decade and still the journey goes on.
Alamgir - The Best Of Alamgir 05-03-2007
Alamgir is one of the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan, is giving tribute to the Legend Alamgir who is among the best singers Pakistan ever had.
Punjabi Top Chart 2006 22-02-2007
A collection of some of the chart busters of punjabi hits in 2006 featuring Babbu Maan, Labh Janjua and others.
Shumair - Zara Nuch kay wakha 14-02-2007
Zara Nuch kay wakha Shumair debut album is added my The album contains 12 Pakistani Songs full of energy.
Josh - Mausam 04-02-2007
Josh released their second album titled Mausam, band comparising of Qurram Hussain and Rupinder Magon. The album has 11 tracks only Mahi Ve and Remix of Pakistani classic track Mausam looks promising.
Arif Lohar - 21st Century Jugni 28-01-2007
Arif has established himself in his own right as one of Pakistan’s most successful artists. Mukhtar Sahota (The Sahotas), a Music Producer known for his distinctive sound of fusion, from Desi, Reggae to Dance and Rock, unites with Arif to re-introduce some classics of Alam Lohar and hits from Arif. The album ‘Jugni’ brings Arif Lohar to the sound of the 21st Century with the distinctive sound of Mukhtar, for all ages to discover, rediscover, and enjoy.
Aaroh - Raag Neela 19-01-2007
Aaroh Came up with unique idea in this album.The Song Raag Neela set an example among rock bands in Pakistan what true Rock is.The album also contain hit single Pyar ka Jaal.Aaorh prove themselves to be the best Rock band in Pakistan.
Atif Aslam - Doorie 06-01-2007
Added Atif Aslam new album Doorie the album has 18 songs. But however, almost half of them are just the remix of others (soul mix, eternal mix, euro mix, freaky mix). Still a great album as Atif Aslam's voice is great.
Ali Zafar - Masty 01-01-2007
Ali Zafar Rocking the charts with his new album titled Masty. The songs are well composed i like the melody. Specially Koi Janay Na awesome.
Roxen - Rozen E Deewar 28-12-2006
Roxen is emerging as an outstanding rock band, a very talented new band, featuring 11 rocking tracks in their debut album Rozen E Deewar.
Zoheb Hassan - Kismet 26-12-2006
Zoheb Hassan released his new album released after a long time. The sub-continent pop legend Zoheb Hassan came back with a big hit.
Hyder Sajjad - Jugni 16-12-2006
Addition to Pakistani Music Industry Hayder Sajjad released his debut album named Jugni.
PAKIMP3 - Freshly Baked Vol 3 29-11-2006
Pakistani Music industry is rocking with bands/artists that are making history. Freshly Baked Vol 2 is compiled keeping in mind to provide fresh music to all hungry Pakistani music fans. The albums contains Ali Khan - Saathiya, Ali Zafar - Masty, Josh - Mahi Ve, Natasha - Sapno Mein, Noori - Meray Log, Sonu - Dewane Dil Ja, Strings - Beirut, Yousaf and Nauman - Dil Nahin Manta (feat Papu) a complete entertainment pack.
UnderGround Lahore Vol 1 11-11-2006
A combination of alternative and rock bands was possible due to efforts of Through the release you will be able to listen hidden talent, though young might be weak in many aspects but Lahore Underground bands proved that have some talent and providing the right path they can progress. The Album consists of performances by 13 underground bands of Lahore. You can also Vote for your favorite band at: Click here to Vote
Raeth - Bhulado 30-10-2006
Raeth Comprising of Wajhi Farouqui on vocals, Hassan Farabi on guitars and Mustafa Asad on bass.The new pop sensation in Pakistani music industry, Raeth is creating new waves in pop industry.
Abbas Ali Khan - Sun Re 22-10-2006
A pure listening pleasure, new album by Abbas Ali Khan features an amazing versatility with fusion and raags embedded together.
Sami Yusuf - Al Mu allim 13-10-2006
Al-Muallim is a compilation of some ground-breaking nasheeds by Sami Yusuf. It provokes each and every muslim with his toching voice and lyrics.
Shabnam Majeed - Munda Sohne Rang Da 27-09-2006
Shabnam Majeed, a talented singer, gained worldwide fame through Dil Cheez Hai Kya remix by Bally Sagoo. The latest solo album titled Munda Sohne Rang Da featuring various catchy beats of Pakistani Music.
Dr Aur Billa - Greatest Hits 23-09-2006
A collection of greatest hits by the band that makes the listeners laugh with their funny lyrics. Now at you can download the Greatest Hits of Dr Aur Billa a Pakistani Music Band.
Freshly Baked Vol 2 15-09-2006 brings fresh collection of songs of artists like Khiza feat Hadiqa Kiani Mehr Ma, Call Kal Hamara Hai, Jal Payal Teaser, Kaavish Choti Khushiyan, Mekaal Hassan Band Andholan and Rabi Peerzada Mujhe Ishq Hai Pakistani music at it best.
Dj Sanj - Americas Most Wanted 4 10-09-2006
A production of Lil Sach and Kal-M, this new release features North American artists like Deep, Apna Swarn, Shayn and Soni Pabla and more.
The Best Of King Khan 02-09-2006
This album features wonderful remixes of some of the finest songs and qawwalis by the late king of qawwali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
Freshly Baked Vol 1 18-08-2006
A collection of songs compiled together featuring many hit artists like Sajjad Ali’s Chal Rein De, Ali Abbas Ali Khan’s Malal, Ali Haider’s Jab Kabhi, Atif Aslam’s Tere Bin and upcoming Pop Diva Natasha’s Bao Jee. Natasha is Rocking the charts with her debut single Bao Jee. Exclusive Release of Natasha Songs Added in this Freshly Baked Vol 1.
Shamur - The Ultimate Dance Album 13-08-2006
Ultimate Dance Album that hit top charts in few days after the release Shamur features various artists in the album.
Ali Haider - Jadu 11-08-2006
Ali Haider latest album featuring trance versions of his various past hits. Is added by Download your favourite track.
Nazia Hassan [Bonus] 08-08-2006 Give Tribute to Nazia Hassan. Nazia Hassan who was indeed a pioneer of Pakistan's Pop Music and still lives in the heart of millions of Fans.
Nazia Hassan [Camera] 08-08-2006 Give Tribute to Nazia Hassan. Nazia Hassan who was indeed a pioneer of Pakistan's Pop Music and still lives in the heart of millions of Fans.
Nazia Hassan [Hotline] 06-08-2006 Give Tribute to Nazia Hassan. Nazia Hassan who was indeed a pioneer of Pakistan's Pop Music and still lives in the heart of millions of Fans.
Nazia Hassan [Young Tarang] 06-08-2006 Give Tribute to Nazia Hassan. Nazia Hassan who was indeed a pioneer of Pakistan's Pop Music and still lives in the heart of millions of Fans.
Dclassified - Khadija Haider 02-08-2006
Khadija may well prove to be the music industry's `next big thing'. Khadija Haider in her album Dclassified proved that she is talented.
Best of Hadiqa Kayani 23-07-2006
Download the hit songs of Hadiqa Kayani pop diva of Pakistan.
The Band O2
The Band 02 - Sarguzisht (Exclusive Release) 15-07-2006
The Song Sarguzisht by The Band O2 released exclusively by The Band O2 is a band of 2 members Muaz Raja Vocalist and Fawad Hassan on Guitars Song Sarguzisht arranged by Asad Kamal.
Salman Ahmad - Infiniti 12-07-2006
Salman Ahmad composer and guitarist from Junoon band released his solo album titled Infiniti Pakistani Music industry seen many great artists and Salman Ahmad is one of them.
Bombay Rockers - Out Of Control 06-07-2006
Bombay Rockers released different version of their song Out of control you can download Out of Control all versions released from
Pakistani Music Vol 2 by Pakimp3 30-06-2006
A Fresh Collection of Latest Pakistani Artists listed in one album. Pakimp3 is trying to bring all the artists under one roof and this album is the result of the efforts.
Nasir Khan - Sensation 15-06-2006
Nasir Khan a singer from Pakistan releases his debut Bhangra album titled Sensation. A nice effort by Nasir Khan.
Dj Sanj - Block Party 23-05-2006
DJ Sanj new album Block Party features various well known singers like Taz (Stereo Nation), Amar Arshi (Kala Chasma), DSI (Mitra Dey Haat Farkay), Lil Sach and Karamel. UK Bhangra music fans surely like this album.
Bhangra Battle Round 1 13-05-2006
Bhangra Battle Round 1 a nice collection of Punjabhi Bhangra Songs of artists like Dr. Zeus, Dj Sanj and Lehmber Hussainpuri.
Gurus Trilogy - Aghaaz - Chapter 1 10-05-2006
Download Songs of Pakistani new band Gurus Trilogy a new Pakistani artist with some engery in the songs. Album titled as Aghaaz Chapter 1.
Uk Bhangra Vol 10 01-05-2006
A Collection of Punjabi Bhangra Hits is added. Download your favorite punjabhi bhangra songs from Pakistani Music Site
Omer Inayat - Be The One 17-04-2006
Download songs of new born artist in Pakistan music Omer Inayat debut album Be The One . After a long time we have some thing worth to download.
The Princess by Annie 16-04-2006
A new pop star in Pakistani Pop industry Annie released her first pop album title The Princess. You can download the songs from our download section.
Sohail Farman - Nakhra 14-04-2006
Shoail Farman a young talented Pakistani Music artist realsed his lasted pop album Nakhra. Give him a try.
J-Skillz - Mankeh 10-04-2006
After some time we decided to another Punjbai album. Songs that punjabi music lovers would love to listen. Featuring artists like Surinder Shinda, Dildar Preet, Nimrita, Harjinder Baby and Parvin.
Farah Hassan - Dil Dol Da 04-04-2006
Farah Hassan is a new bright pop star of Pakistan she released her debut album titled Dil Dol Da.
Overload - Overload 08-03-2006
Overload music features Dhol & Drum Beats together the new band certainly have some potential and will shake the music industry of Pakistan
Mekaal Hassan Band - Sampooran 04-03-2006
Mekaal Hassan Band's Sampooran, is a mixture of layers of old-school eastern classical music and traditional Southern Punjab's sufi folk mantras. Download Sampooran a great album for all Pakistani Music fans.
Nargis Hits Mujra Songs 23-02-2006
Pakistani Queen of Mujra Nargis. Her Mujras are full of hip shaking and i know people like her Mujras now for all hidden lovers of Nargis download the Pakistani Mujra songs of Nargis in mp3 format.
Khiza - Ranjha Jogi 11-02-2006
Khiza a Pakistani Artist relased his album Ranjha Jogi having various remixes featuring artists like Apachi Indian, Mehsopuria and Shazad Raza.
Jimmy Attre - Zamana Nazuk Hai 06-02-2006
Jimmy Attre new talented singer from fast growing Pakistani pop industry with wonderful vocals, releases his debut album, download the mp3 version of songs from
Aap Ka Surroor by Himesh Reshammiya 26-01-2006
Himesh Reshammiya hitting the charts with his album Aap Ka Surroor the album contains 11 songs. Pakimp3 added his album a treat for all music lovers.
Fariha Parvez - Passion 22-01-2006
Pakistani music brought many talented artists like Fariha Parvez. You can download the Fariha Parvez latest songs of Fariha Parvez from her album Passion.
Call - Jilawatan 13-01-2006
Pakimp3 added The Debut album released by the underground Pakistani band now emerging as a rock band of Pakistan. The album titled Jilawatan contains some excellent songs. You can now download all the songs from the album in mp3 format.
Daru Mix Punjabi Songs 02-01-2006
Punjabi music becomming popular in many parts of the world. Pakimp3 added latest album labeled Daru Mix great Bhangra album featuring Bally Sagoo, Jassi Sandhu, Kuldeep Manak and many more.
Dye Corduroy Lahore Band 31-12-2005
Dye Corduroy, meaning a colored fabric Dye corduroy is the bouyant satellite of alternative rock band from in Lahore, Pakistan. now you can download mp3 songs from
Corduroy Pakistani Music Band 28-12-2005
Corduroy is the Islamabad underground pop rock band for about three years now. This five man Pakistani band consists of Moby on vocals, Sarmad (aka Satch Halen) on lead guitars, Mazhar on rhythm guitars, Ahmed on bass and Ameel on drums.
Zinda hoon by strings 26-12-2005
String sings for the music album of Sanjay Gupta's movie Zinda. The Song Zinda hoon is available for download at Pakistani Music site Strings Pakistani band, has played a major part as they sung the title song of the flim Zinda.
Punjabi Clap Punjabi Songs 25-12-2005
Punjabi Clap Download Punjabi Bhangra Songs by various artists. along with Pakistani Music Artists added UK based Bhangra Artists. Download their tracks in mp3 from
Ali Hamza Songs 24-12-2005
Ali Hamza vocals/guitars of Noori band sung few songs of his own. Pakistani Music industry is full of talented people like Ali Hamza who prove that he can also sing songs alone. added few of Ali Hamza Songs.
Dr aur Billa 24-12-2005
Dr aur Billa the funny band made by Jawad Bashir they sung many funny songs. Jawad Bashir now started direction and production and now one of the expensive directors in the Pakistan music industry. We have added 3 songs of him which are Tum Se Pyaar, Khel and Lady Churail Dr aur Billa is one of the best funny band i ever heard.
Pakistani Punjabi Mujra Songs 23-12-2005
I know this look wired. Just want to share how bad the lyrics of Pakistani Punjabi Songs are. These songs are getting popular just for a single reason that they are performed by Stage Drama Artists so called Mujra.
Anoushey (Indus Music) Interview 22-12-2005
Anoushey the most wanted, Hot VJ on Indus Music. added her interview and some introduction about her which can also be found at Indus Music. Anoushey is no doubt one of the favorite VJs on Indus Music Anoushey has talent and she proved this in her program which is on air on Indus Music with the name of Sister Act.
Pop Rock Band Karavan 20-12-2005
Karvan is well know Pakistani Band recently i find few songs and want to share them with you. Karvan is spotlighted many times by Indus Music and Musik Tv. Download Karavan mp3 music from Pakistani Music site
Pakistani Music Artist - Saraab 16-12-2005
Another Pakistani artist Saraab is hitting the music scenes with their new sentational album. added their album must listen.
Pakistani Music Artist - Dusk 10-12-2005
Dusk Pakistani Artist Old enough but have great songs, on request is adding their album. As is here to provide equall opportunity to all Pakistani artists to come up on the scene and prove themselves to all Pakistani Music fans.
The Band Call 05-12-2005
Pakistani Music Pop Rock Band Call album Jilawatan is added on request. Pakimp3 is working hard to provide all the requested songs and albums.Helping Pakistani Music Industry to promote their music all over the world.
UK Bhangra Blasters 19 25-11-2005
UK Bhangra Blaster 19 containg your favorite punjabi UK artists. The album contains 12 superhit punjabi tracks from your favorite UK Bhangra artists. People who loves Pakistani Music also like UK Bhangra Songs.
Best of Indus Music 2005 18-11-2005
Pakimp3 added new album by Indus Music containg hits from 2005. Indus Music is doing a great job in promoting Pakistan Music, Pakistani Artists are well rewared by Indus Music in terms of promotion.With the help of Indus Music Pakistani Music is renowned in many parts of the world.
UK No 1_Bhangra Hits Download 10-11-2005
Pakistani Music Premier site added UK No 1 Bhangra Hits the songs available for download are; Aaja Nachle(Bally Sagoo Mix) , Beat The Rhythm by Heera , Dil Le Gayee by Jasbir Jassi, Gal Ban Gayee by Sukhbir, I See You Baby by Groove Armada feat. Gram'Ma Funk , Ishq (Tare Gin Gin) by Sukhbir, Jind Saadi Mag(Bally Sagoo Mix), Kala Kauwa by Daler Mehndi, Mundian To Bach Ke (Moonbotica remix) Panjabi MC, Sexy Naughty Bitchy (DJ Rajiv Bollywood Mix) Tata Young, Tauba Tauba (Bobby Friction Bhangra Remix) Kaal , The Power Of Bhangra by Snap! vs Motivo , Then He Kissed Me(Biddu_Remix) by Saffron, Tootak Tootak Tootiyan by Malkit Singh.
Evolution - Shake Your Body 06-11-2005
Pakistani new band Evolution released their debut album Sake Your Body. Download the Pakistani Music Artist Evolution Shake Your Body a rocking album containg 12 tracks.
Download Punjabi MC Switchin 26-10-2005
Punjabi MC another hit album Switchin is available for download. Download From a place where you find all your favorite artists.
Shiraz Uppal new album Jhuki Jhuki
Shiraz Uppal new album Jhuki Jhuki is now available for download the album is in mp3 format Shiraz Uppal is one the best signers in Pakistani Music Industry, Shiraz Uppal new album Jhuki Jhuki shows great maturity.
Pakistan Earthquake - Donation Apeal
Pakistan hit by an earthquake which had a magnitude of 7.6 on Sunday, October 9, 2005, sending tremors across South Asia. The worst ever earthquake witness by Pakistan. You can help by making a Donation Click here to find out how
Introducing Bombay Rockers
Thomas Sardorf, Navtej Singh Rehal, Janus Bosen Barnewitz release their Debut Albumi they named their band Bombay Rockers. Bombay Rockers is available for download in mp3 format at Pakistani Music Best website Pakimp3
Noori - Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya
Noori new album Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya is available for download at Pakistani Music Best website This is the 2nd album released by noori download mp3 format of the songs.
Junoon - Parvaz
Album from the past Junoon's Parvaz. Download from the best source of Pakistani Music
Mizmaar Songs - Pakistani Band
Download the mp3 songs of Mizmaar a pakistani pop rock band. From Pakistani Music Best website
Download RDB - Block Buster
RDB SuperHit collection of bhangra songs, available for download at Pakistani Music Best website
Download Veronica - Theen
The Asian music circuit in UK is growing by leaps and bounds. The crowd goes berserk listening to bhangra numbers and love to sway to the dhol beats. For this Pakimp3 Pakistan's best website of Pakistani Music making efforts to bring the best UK Punjabi Music for all the Fans. Making a step ahead added Veronica new album Theen.
Download Richi Rich's mp3
Richi Rich one of the greatest UK artist . Download Best of Richi Rich from Pakistani Music Best website a treat for all Visitors MP3 of Richi Rich download now.
Download Punjabi MC mp3
The UK music scene is witnessing a transformation of 'Asian Cool' with a number of projects fusing Punjabi big beats with Punjabi MC. Download Best of Punjabi MC mp3 from Pakistani Music Best website
Tribute to Noor Jehan -- Queen of Melody
The melodious voice that touched millions in the subcontinent now available for download. Download Noor Jehan all time mp3 hits from our mp3 download section.
International Artists mp3's Added
Dil Mangdi (Bally Saqoo), Gabru Punjab Da (Mehsopuria), Hai Dil Deewana (Anamika), Moat Mujah Koo (Budha Bar), Mundaya (Aiysha), Dhol Wajda (Needless To Say), Apache Indian download these songs in mp3 format from Pakistani Music Best website
Download 3 Albums of Vital Sign
Vital Sign's 3 albums Dil Mangay Mangay, Sanwali Saloni and Us Rah Per. Experience the melody of Pakistan's Greatest Ever Band.
Tera Naam Liya by Ali Haider
Ali Haider's new album Tera Naam Liya download in mp3 format from
Mein Larkey Nai by Shahida Mani
Shahida Mani album Mein Larkey Nai download in mp3 format from
Meinu Tere Naal by Najam Sheraz
Najam Sheraz Hit album Meinu Tere Naal is available for download.
Jay Sean feat. Rishi Rich Project Eyes On You
Download Jay Sean Eyes On You Full Album in mp3 format.
Juggy D MP3 album is available for download
After the massive success of UK Artists, and increasing no of audience from UK. We decided to add UK Artist's songs to give meaning to the inspirational Punjabi lyrics for all fans. So the First Treat is Juggy D Hang on for more.
Atif Aslam Sings for Movie Zeher
'Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein' has Pakistan's Atif Aslam singing his quite popular song to the music re-created by Mithun Sharma and Naresh Sharma.
noori launch their first single from upcoming album
noori have officially released their very first song from their upcoming album, Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jaani Ki Gol Dunya. The song, titled (Kuttay) Te Tho Uttay, is a short (1 min. 47 sec.) Punjabi number composed by Ali Noor and penned down by Ali Hamza.
Rakht by AaroH has been released
The most awaited Video of the Rakht by AaroH has been released atlast. The High Quality version is exclusivly availble for the fans on
Jafri leave Noori
Noori band member Mohammad Ali Jafri has announced his departure from the band.
noori launches their very own record label
noori now goes international with their very own record label: LIGHTHEAD RECORDS
Strings won the award for THE BEST BAND.
London: Strings won the award for THE BEST BAND at the first Sangeet Awards ceremony held at the famous Royal Albert Hall here last night. The awards, which will be an annual affair henceforth, were organised by the Sahara Group to celebrate excellence in Indian music. Filmstars Hrithik Roshan, Sameera Reddy and Yana Gupta stole the show with their performances. The Show will be telecasted on Sahara TV on 10th October at P.S.T and 7.30 p.m. I.S.T Other prominent personalities who attended the three-hour long show were actress Ashwariya Rai, Shabhana Azmi,Javed Akhtar, Fardeen Khan, Feroz Khan, Shyam Benegal, Ramesh Sippy, Anu Malik along with many others.
EP - Hamesha
EP's new video Hamesha, directed by Kamran Yar Kami, is on air.
String's Nomination
Strings Nominated for MTV STYLE AWARDS 2004
Strings have been nominated for "Most Stylish Person in Music(Male)" in MTV STYLE AWARDS 2004.
Anaida-noori song - Naya Jahan - Out!
Song to feature in Anaida’s upcoming album
The song is yet another contribution to the recent surge of artistic collaboration between Pakistan and India.

Gohar finally released the JAL Album
After such a long await, the album is finally out.
Call's 'Pukaar' On MTV 123
CALL 'Pukaar' is now rated as Number 1 on MTV 123.
For the 1st week of Sep. Call's Pukaar rated no 1.
New Mizraab MP3
Saari Shaamain by Mizraab
Mizraab's latest song Saari Shaamain is available for download on their offical site. Pakistani Music the best music site.

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